“Chloe was super informative. I researched her recommendations and found one that fit my needs. Boom! ”

Michael Buchino shared this story on December 18, 2016

Debt Collection

“Thanks for the great responses so far!  We really appreciate the support from the creative community here in Portland, and we would much rather work with a local than use a platform like 99Designs.”

Levi Downey shared this story on August 26, 2016

My band needs a logo - Echo Pearl Varsity

“My first post on switchboard went smoothly. Such a Relief! I had asked to be contacted via email or messaged, and everyone opted toward email which worked out fine. This whole action of reaching out on switchboard had a snow ball effect and now a few other creatives and I are connecting in person to discuss collaborations and potentially forming a team. This experience gave me the confidence to connect with other creative minds and step out my dark 'comfort-zone' cave. ”

Gaelan Andrade Booker shared this story on May 27, 2016

Joining a Studio

“Switchboard worked really well for this initiative. It took about a day or two for the responses to start rolling in, but in the end, I think I received between six to eight qualified applicants. Ultimately, I ended up being referred to someone through the comments section (by another user) who was a perfect fit for the project.”

Conor O'Shea shared this story on January 14, 2016

Hiring An Illustrator

“It went so well. Such a wonderful group of attendees. We've been getting overwhelmingly positive feedback about the conference. For example:
"I signed up for The 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference because it seemed like a safe bet that I would learn at least one useful insight to help me with my music career; I figured I'd make some good connections, too.
The Secret Knowledge Conference really delivered.
I got a lot out of the workshops but the real 'secret' of the conference, for me, was what I learned from talking with the other attendees. It was super helpful to connect with other creative people who have had some success and were willing to share some keen wisdom around building career momentum and cultivating a following. I took notes voraciously.After the conference, I went home and turned my notes into a 2016 music release, tour, and promotion plan for my band, Major Love Event.
Applying what I learned at the conference made planning the next year so much easier. I finally know what my next steps are and how to go about taking them. I hope Secret Knowledge offers the conference again next year, when it comes time to start planning for 2017. I'll be there."
Rebecca Van Damm, Musician”

Noah Kleiman shared this story on December 4, 2015

Secret Knowledge Conference - Nov. 14th

“ The Switchboard network works! My decorator told me she didn't even see my post at first, a friend told her about it. I got two responses here on the Design Switchboard and I posted the same ask on Craigslist "gigs" and got three responses. I met with two decorators through Craigslist and one decorator through Switchboard, and ultimately chose the person I met through Switchboard. ”

Jimmy Stanley shared this story on November 20, 2015

Seeking Interior Decorator consultation

“Last night I sent this email:
Re: Howdy Pardna'
Hi Travis…How are you? Did you enjoy your holiday? What did you end up doing? Fireworks or BBQ?  I had plans that fell through at the last minute so Layla and I stayed home and listened to all the neighborhood racket. I’ve been busy working on that  web project I mentioned  for a friend of the family and it is coming along. The project is for a non-profit foundation that seeks provide emergency aid to police and fire first responders int he north Idaho region. They are very excited and pleased with the creative direction. So far no major changes or fussiness. I will forward url when it goes live. I’m using Squarespace and will be coding some functionality that I think his user profile will find useful. It seems a lot of older retired folks make small but plentiful charitable contributions. Conventions such as a hamburger menu bar might not be apparent to that audience so I’m thinking through a more forward way to present that. I’m thinking sticky bar header for the logo and menu.
Some other news…since this project may lead to others so I’ve decided push my portfolio website back up to DNS. So http://clearcreative.com is back up on the web. It’ll get transferred to the thegrid.io when they come out of beta.
That’s it for now. I haven’t forgotten about sending you a resume. It’s being updated.
Layla and will try to remain cool here in the home studio. Thanks to the a/c.
Take care my friend.–palacios”

Christopher Palacios shared this story on June 12, 2015

networking: coffee meeting

“Thanks Design Portland! We have three new volunteers who will be teaching design workshops for Portland's homeless youth. If anyone else is interested in facilitating a workshop or being a one-on-one mentor to help refine a design before it's printed on a t-shirt - please contact inkubator@newavenues.org.”

“ The party was awesome! Thank you everyone who came out. Check out our post about it (there are pictures)! And of course, our door is always open. Stop by any time. See you next time! ”

Aria Joughin shared this story on April 7, 2015

Party at Switchboard HQ! 3/26

“I'm so happy to welcome Jocelyn to our little bungalow! Feels great to have a friend of a friend in the industry as the first renter of our home. Trusted connections are the best! Welcome to Portland my friend. ”

Tyesha Snow shared this story on March 12, 2015

Seeking 2 Bedroom House for April 1st

“ I found an amazing house in Southeast via this post which linked me up with Tyesha. Total success and we're so excited for our new space in Portland! Go switchboard!! ”

Jocelyn Glei shared this story on March 4, 2015

Seeking 2 Bedroom House for April 1st

“ I received a suggestion on a company that might help, and was able to request and obtain a proposal. In addition, an individual contacted me to submit a proposal. So now I have two as a result of this post.  ”

kathleen mazzocco shared this story on February 16, 2015

Web site help

“ Tsilli  great talking with you.  ”

nathan c shared this story on February 3, 2015

Get to know a Contemporary Art Gallery

“ Kristen Thank you for taking me up on this offer! Can't wait to talk more Art and Design! ”

nathan c shared this story on January 27, 2015

Get to know a Contemporary Art Gallery

“ Met with Seth P. and gave him some insight on working with Nike and larger corporate clients such as Xbox. ”

Jeremy Harrington shared this story on December 31, 2014

Meet for Coffee

“ We rented the space! ”

WeMake Portland shared this story on December 8, 2014

Be our neighbor—Studio/office space for rent

“ I couldn't be happier with the response I got from Nathan C. Great guy, well dressed, and I anticipate successful collaborations in the near future! Thanks Nathan!  ”

“AKQA put on an awesome open house. The ping pong table stole the show, though.”

Nathan Crawford shared this story on October 13, 2014

AKQA | Portfolio Review + Open House

“ Hey all! Thank you so much for all your messages. I've found a great photog to work with :)  ”

“Yay! Breanna's list is awesome. These resources are going to be super helpful as I try to get the PDX Design Switchboard going. Thanks!”

Aria Joughin shared this story on August 4, 2014

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